Our custom catalog capabilities

Catalog customization limits product selection to simplify procurement. This standardizes your IT environment, making implementation, support, and management of your assets much simpler and cost-optimized.

  • Flexible systems that work for your users
  • Multiple views
  • Real-time updates
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    ITsavvy gives you the option to create a digital catalog of products custom-tailored to your business. Include or exclude certain manufacturers and technologies to ensure your users only buy what you actually support.

    If you’re fulfilling products for different audiences, like employees and clients, you need to display your product SKUs differently to these audiences. ITsavvy’s custom catalogs give our clients the ability to create different content and pricing for each audience on your site.

    We know how frustrating it is when your system says something is in stock, but it’s actually not available. Fortunately, our custom catalog solution ensures that your system displays real-time availability, improving user experience and removing the headaches of inventory management.

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