• Leadership Team

    Mike Theriault


    An ambitious entrepreneur from an early age, Mike has spent his career pushing the boundaries of the IT industry. In 2004, he co-founded B2B Computer Products, now ITsavvy after eyeing the need for a provider of product delivery and IT solutions. Today ITsavvy is recognized as one of the fastest growing companies of its kind in the U.S. ITsavvy is a natural progression of Mike’s tech background and leadership experience. In 1978 he founded Dartek Computer Supply, overseeing its phenomenal success. After selling the business to Systemax, he stayed on as VP of Operations and Technology, among many accomplishments, he opened the company’s first retail store. When Mike saw an opportunity for a hybrid IT provider, he founded B2B Computer. And with a strong commitment to giving back, Mike leads ITsavvy’s support and advocacy of community activities that touch the lives of our employees, vendors and clients.


    Be intuitive. Listen to the market. It’s showing you the future.

    Be responsive. Figure a way to deliver what your clients want.

    Be strategic. Build nimbleness into your organization so that you can seize opportunities.

    Munu Gandhi

    President & Chief Operating Officer

    As ITsavvy’s President and Chief Operating Officer, Munu is responsible for setting the strategic direction for the firm and executing delivery of world-class solutions for its clients. Munu leads the advanced solutions group, accounting and finance, human resources, technology and business operations.

    Munu brings 25 years of experience in leading international organizations, with specific expertise in technology, client service, sales, operations and development of human capital. Mr. Gandhi joins ITsavvy from Aon where he previously served as the company’s Vice President of Core Infrastructure Services for seven years. During his tenure, he delivered numerous large-scale digital transformation initiatives and led a number of global organizations, including network & data center services, unified communications and collaboration platforms, security services, and infrastructure managed services. Prior, Munu was Division Vice President at Xerox Business Services, responsible for technology delivery across applications, infrastructure and information security, as well as sales, business development and client relationships for Fortune 500 clients.

    Munu is a frequent speaker at industry and analyst events, discussing the evolution to the experience economy, digital transformation, and organizational and cultural transformation. He has served as an advisor to VCs and founders, and enjoys coaching and mentoring future leaders.

    Munu currently serves on the advisory boards for CloudNatix, oak9 and boldstart ventures. He also serves on the board of directors for the Academy for Urban School Leadership.

    Munu earned an MBA in Strategy and Finance from Northwestern University and a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He is a voracious reader, and enjoys time with his family and friends, travel, and golf. He resides in the northwest suburbs of Chicago with his family.


    Be a servant leader. Lead from the front, create opportunities and clear roadblocks for your team, and make your colleagues successful.

    Be a trusted advisor & client advocate. Understand your client’s business, their goals & objectives and work to serve their professional and personal agendas.

    Do things from the heart and with good intent. Be a good human, the person that others trust and want to be around.

    Chris Kurpeikis

    Executive Vice President, Business Development

    Chris has boomeranged his natural sales affinity and strong work ethic into a personal success story that fuels the American Dream. Chris left an award-winning sales career at Dartek Computer Supply in 2004 to co-found B2B Computer Products, now ITsavvy. He has built the sales team from the ground up with industry-leading performers who continue to produce at least double-digit revenue growth year after year. As Executive Vice President of Business Development, Chris oversees all Sales and Marketing activities, with an emphasis on continued market share growth. Chris has a bachelor’s degree in General Studies/Business Administration from the University of Michigan.


    Deliver the goods. Superior client attention trumps a clever slogan.

    Know your stuff. Hire people who have experience and can respond quickly.

    Watch your rivals. Outwork and out-service your competition.

    Joseph Llano

    Executive Vice President, Advanced Solutions Group

    From his youth, Joe has been fascinated by innovation and entrepreneurship as vehicles to drive positive change in the world. As Program Delivery Manager at EMC Corporation, he was recognized as the Top Global Professional Services Manager and authored several white papers on implementing IT transformation. Since 2014, he has put this energy to work for ITsavvy’s clients. As EVP, Advanced Solutions Group, Joe is responsible for the strategic direction, organization, and solutions portfolio of ITsavvy’s Advanced Solutions Group. From strategic guidance to tactical solutions, Joe’s number one priority is protecting the client’s blind side. Joe holds a BE in Mechanical Engineering, plus MS and Ph.D. degrees in Technology Management from Stevens Institute of Technology. He is also a credentialed Project Management Professional (PMP). He cultivates innovation in his community as well, guiding kids from middle school through college in computer science, analytics, and other practical STEM skills.


    Commit to Service Excellence. Develop solution teams who share passion for innovation and success. Thoughtfully listen to clients, understand their needs and what they value most, then work toward realizing success.

    We don’t tell our clients “No”, we make it happen. Implementing IT innovation is an ambitious mission for clients. Be the trusted partner who will hurdle obstacles and co-create business value.

    Protect the client’s blindside. Human factors are often overlooked when executing IT programs for transformation and change, yet they are the most critical to achieving long-term benefits realization and success.

    Dave Theriault

    Vice President, Business Development

    Dave is involved in much more than his title alone implies. While his primary responsibilities revolve around the management of ITsavvy’s sales divisions, he is also a prime driver behind the company’s key Field Services and Lifecycle Management offerings. Reporting to EVP Chris Kurpeikis, Dave also helps guide ITsavvy’s corporate strategy and craft the company’s marketing voice and message. Dave was responsible for the 2020 launch of Field Services, a breakthrough offering that puts experienced IT specialists onsite with clients worldwide in as little as four hours. Today, he is focused on scaling Field Services & Lifecycle Management while improving ITsavvy’s online profile to empower better client experiences.

    Dave graduated from DePaul University in Chicago with a B.A. in Finance and has been a part of the ITsavvy team in a number of roles since 2015 before becoming a vice president in 2019.

    Dave’s CREDO:

    Relationships are everything. Whether it’s with a partner, client or colleague, everything starts with the mutual respect of a solid personal relationship.

    Problem-solving is a great way to make a living. More than most careers, IT has its share of problems that need innovate solutions. I love finding those solutions.

    I’m here to help the client – period. I can’t help the client succeed in their business if I’m not making it simpler for them to do business. At the end of the day, that’s the only metric that matters.

    Katie Hanahan

    Vice President, Cybersecurity Strategy

    Katie joined ITsavvy in early 2021 and serves as the strategy lead for cybersecurity across the organization. She is also a client advocate, building a vital foundation of trust between the client, ITsavvy and solutions partner. Katie has many years of experience in cybersecurity practices and technologies, both as a provider and as a client, in both public and private sectors. Now, she is building a dedicated team to advance ITsavvy’s cybersecurity practice and raise awareness of its importance in the greater marketplace. To this end, Katie is hosting a series of podcast interviews with thought leaders from many industries, bringing a wealth of trustworthy perspectives to the table for ITsavvy’s clients.

    Katie applies her years of global experience in all kinds of settings and cultures to establish a holistic culture of trust in ITsavvy’s cybersecurity practice.


    A startup mentality is your best friend. I’ve found that startup skills like agility and creativity are priceless—even in an established practice.

    Walk in the client’s shoes.  For a client to trust me and ITsavvy with their security, they need to know that I’ve been where they’re sitting now—and I understand their concerns and priorities.

    Doing the right thing is its own reward. When vetting partners for ITsavvy clients, I look for those who put principle above profit. It’s not just the right thing to do, it delivers the best results.

    Greg Degleffetti

    Vice President, Sales

    Greg brings exemplary insights and value to his role by prioritizing the difference between real leadership and mere management. Overseeing a diverse team of 10 sales division leaders—each running part of the sales organization, by region or by practice—Greg’s 25 years of experience (including leadership training at West Point) give him the foundation to build excellence in others as he continues to enhance ITsavvy’s value proposition around the client experience. Reporting to EVP Chris Kurpeikis, Greg is committed to fostering a values driven culture of mutual respect and support, where a bias toward urgency and action are the driving strategy behind every decision.

    In 2020, his first full year in the role, ITsavvy sales achieved three significant milestones:  record sales revenue, record profitability and delivering the company’s largest client engagement to date. He is committed to meeting ITsavvy’s goals for growth—and doing so with a collaborative spirit.


    Commit to Service Excellence. Develop solution teams who share passion for innovation and success. Thoughtfully listen to clients, understand their needs and what they value most, then work toward realizing success.

    Be a unifier. While conflict is inevitable in life and in business, avoiding the “narcissism of small differences” can keep work feeling like an opportunity instead of a chore.

    Embrace the idea of  “Servant Leadership” Leading is not the same thing as managing, and it’s vital to provide the support each individual needs to succeed. Every role is significant and should be treated that way.

    Build trust, not hierarchy. When you educate and inspire, you earn trust—and when you have trust, you have motivation and loyalty. 

    Scott W. Rose

    Vice President, IT

    With an IT education and an intricate knowledge of the ecommerce and intranet technology, Scott is one of the key players in ITsavvy’s success. Scott came to the company in 2006 from Dartek Computer Supply, where he was Director of Internet Services. As ITsavvy’s VP of IT, Scott oversees the design and development of the company’s website and information systems supporting headquarters and remote offices. With a complete service philosophy, Scott is active in the community as a coach for youth soccer and baseball. He has a B.S. degree in Electronic Engineering Technology from DeVry University.


    No guts, no glory. Accept the risk but not if it puts your client service in jeopardy.

    Give willingly. Offer assistance without expecting anything in return. The reward is in the service.

    Enhance and enrich. Continually look for opportunities to improve.

    Jim Morrow

    Vice President, Operations

    Jim joined ITsavvy in 2008 after a stellar 14-year career at Systemax, including five years as VP of Operations. Jim brought with him a proven track record for leading a large, fast-paced organization, with success streamlining processes toward increased productivity. At ITsavvy Jim oversees all operations, from pre-sales to post-sales including client service, distribution and warehousing. Since his arrival, Jim has laid much of the groundwork that has allowed ITsavvy to continue its rapid growth trajectory.


    Take cues from the client. Your processes should be geared toward delivering client satisfaction.

    Observe and improve. Continually seek opportunities for efficiency.

    Standardize for flexibility. Make sure processes can be tailored to client needs.

    John Skeffington

    Vice President, HR

    John oversees all of ITsavvy’s human resources functions, including full-cycle recruiting, benefits, and insurance. John joined the company in 2011, bringing a strong background in talent acquisition and executive recruiting to ITsavvy. Since then he has designed and implemented our talent augmentation solution, savvyTalent®, and serves as its practice leader. John is responsible for automating our onboarding and offboarding processes and developing new models for performance reviews. He also assists ITsavvy with workforce planning and organizational development.


    Appreciate your team. Recognize that your people are your most valuable asset.

    Anticipate needs. Get a jump on talent searches so you have time to find the best people.

    Start with “why.” Find inspiration and purpose in everything you do.

    Heather Carlson

    Vice President, Partner Management

    Heather joined the company in 2016 has been central to Partner Management at ITsavvy since creating the team in 2017. Now as Vice President, Partner Management, she is responsible for bringing vendors’ solutions together with clients’ needs across ITsavvy’s entire spectrum of services. Heather reports to EVP Chris Kurpeikis, and manages a dedicated Partner Management team of nine, a team that’s been growing over the years, even during the pandemic; her team coordinated a series of webinars and other virtual events during 2020 to keep solutions vendors and ITsavvy clients connected and moving forward.

    Heather graduated from Arizona State University in 1999, where she earned her B.S. in Marketing. She practically built her department from the ground up and is now focused on scaling up both its human and business processes to continue bringing the best technologies to ITsavvy’s clients.


    Work hard, play hard. My team does everything at full speed, and that’s how it should be. It’s the difference between having coworkers and having true colleagues.

    Always shoot for the stars. The best part of my day is when I get someone talking about their goals and helping map their way to making them reality.

    There are always more ways to connect. Bringing deeper value to vendors and clients alike depends on finding a more effective way to connect, even if it means building a new channel.

    Bob Beard

    Vice President, Finance

    As ITsavvy’s Vice President of Finance, Bob’s primary responsibilities include the strategic direction, expansion, and operation of the firm’s finance and accounting functions, ensuring scalability with ITsavvy’s growth. He leads a motivated, hard-working team committed to service and excellence.

    Bob brings a focused, driven approach to his role that he cultivated in his experiences as a finance leader and high-level athlete and Division-I soccer player. He brings a wealth of strategic management and leadership experience to the ITsavvy team. His public accounting work, operational finance and M&A roles at his previous companies have enabled Bob to effect meaningful change since joining ITsavvy.

    Bob and his team will implement a new ERP system, which will infuse real-time reporting, analytics, and data-driven decision making throughout ITsavvy’s financial systems.

    Bob earned his bachelors’ degrees in Finance and Accountancy from DePaul University and is a CPA. Bob enjoys spending time with his friends and family, running, cooking, traveling, and playing golf.


    Perspective. Operate with intellectual curiosity and cultural intelligence because contrasting ideas, values and experiences enable growth and create value.

    Be an inclusive leader. Surround yourself with good people and empower them. Treat people and groups fairly – clients, vendors, your team and colleagues. Do the right thing.

    Be transformational and drive value. Understand how value is created for the organization, measure it and enable it. Move fast, be agile, and leverage data to spot trends and opportunities. Innovate, dream big and plan ahead.